Wildlife in Iberá - Argentina

I've just returned from the most amazing week in the North of Argentina, exploring the land, and water, around the 'Iberá' lake. I was hosted by Doug Tompkins & his wife, Kris, who run the Conservation Land Trust - an incredible group which works in both Chile & Argentina in ensuring that these amazing natural places are kept wild & free.

Their project in Argentina is of a massive scale, and focuses mainly on returning land that was once essentially destroyed by bad agricultural practices back to its natural state. In doing so, the wildlife has returned to these areas on a massive scale, and this part of the world is by far the most bio-diverse place that I have ever visited. 

Along with this, Doug, Kris & their team are working on re-introducing animals that were eradicated from the area, such as Giant Anteaters & in the near future, Jaguars.

Below are a series of shots of some of the incredible wildlife that I came across, including the very cute Capybara, Zorros (Foxes), Ceirvo de las Pampas (Marsh Deer), Monkeys , Caimans (Alligators), Nandus (Ostrich-like-birds), and the amazing Oso Hormiguero (Giant Anteater) - including a new born baby named 'Fajah', riding on his mothers back.

To find out more about this project, click here.