The end of Antarctic Whaling

Here on the Sea Shepherd ships we're all still celebrating the news that the Japanese Whaling Fleet won't be headed down to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary for the first time in over 20 years. To think that thousands of whales will be swimming free this sumer, without the threat of a harpoon exploding in their innocent guts brings me a great deal of joy.

Thanks to Sea Shepherd, around 5000 of these whales lives were spared, and for that, I thank everyone involved.

Hopefully the butchered Minkes that I came across this year during Operation Relentless are some of the last that had to suffer this fate, and whilst celebrating the victory, we all need to wonder as to how decisions like this aren't made sooner, and what other crimes are going on around the world that we should work towards ending.

For now though, we smile and celebrate for Antarctic and the whales.

The butchered remains of an illegally killed Minke Whale aboard the Nisshin Maru, taken in January 2014 during Sea Shepherds 10th Antarctic Whale Defence Campaign, 'Operation Relentless'.