Fighting the Western Australian Shark Cull

I'm currently in Perth, Western Australia, heading out to sea each day and following the activities of the WA Fisheries vessel as it moves up and down the coast patrolling their drum lines. The Government believe that they're keeping swimmers safe, but their baited drum lines are only attracting sharks closer to shore, and senselessly killing tens of protected Tiger Sharks in their pursuit of the un-fairly demonised Great White.

Today, on my third day out at sea, two sharks were pulled up within two hours. One was severely injured and barely alive. It was pulled out of the water and released back into the sea where it quickly disappeared. We don't know if it swam off or sank to die.

Shortly after, we came across a large female Tiger Shark, thrashing on the surface of the water, hooked through the head. Fisheries dragged her alongside their ship and shot her three times in the head, killing her, before dragging her body out to sea where they dumped her. She quickly sank to the bottom.

It's such a joke, a sick one, and the people of Australia and the world hate it.  

I'm joining the campaign late in the game, as the drumlines will be pulled out of the water at the end of the month. Over the next few weeks I'll be gathering footage from the past, as well as documenting the happenings from here on in to put together a documentary for Sea Shepherd, as well as helping out and keeping people up to date as to whats going on at sea each day.

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A fisheries officer looks at the female Tiger Shark that he just took part in killing.