Back from the Southern Ocean

After 95 days at sea covering around 19,200 nautical miles, I'm back on land in Australia. Operation Relentless was Sea Shepherds 10th Antarctic Whale Defence campaign, and I was aboard the Steve Irwin as one of its two photographers.

It was a long and tough campaign. We found the whaling fleet on four different occasions and shut them down for a good period of time, but they fought us hard and were able to slip away a few times, too. We ventured deep into the Ross Sea and came across some of the most stunning icebergs I've seen, as well as visiting the Antarctic peninsula at Cape Adare.

More photos to come over the weeks, as well as stories, but for now I'm glad to be back on dry land with friends and family.

The Steve Irwin sails past an iceberg in the Ross Sea, Antarctica - 2014.